Studi Komperasi Pendapatan Nasabah Sebelum Dan Sesudah Menerima Kredit di BUMDes Usaha Sepakat Jaya Desa Batas Kecamatan Tambusai Kabupaten Rokan Hulu


  • Rizky Arianto, Rina Febrinova, Laily Fitriana. Prodi S-1 Agribisnis


Before and Receiving Income,


On development aim to to know strategy what better be done/conducte by Public Health  rural development objective to review te costumer revenues know before and after being customer –owned businesses villages( BUMDes), village limits, district Tambusai Rokan Hulu. Technique analyse Quantitative Descriptive data and test keapsahan of data with method of Check and of Recheck among/between source of data with source of other data. From result of research got that resistor factor in make-up of area retribution tariff shall be as follows productivity is 33, the  overall cost (total/TC) overall cover costs exludet By A Company Consisting of cover variabel costs and cover the cost differences TC = TVC + TFC cover variabel costs total( TVC) where every, with amount of inpormen 33 people and use interview technique can be concluded that publishing Perda about more retribution no Rp. 176 323 000 total reverenues Rp. 302 000 00 totalreven Rp. 67.131.000, total, total revenue Rp 170.900.00, that earnings more is mounting,  where its data is a contstan results 3,715, 722. 763 giving goals Earnings of Genuiness Area to each;every so that by the end of goals year determined by Tired Local Government, BUMDes effort agreed jaya village limits Tambusai Rokan Hulu regency with respondents, the data where it is the findings bin the calculasion of credit acceptance before test pairts -1.581 sign or different. 0.124 hearts meaning of the word indicates the value very different because 0.124> 0.105.


Buku Panduan BUMDes 20016 Desa Batas Kecamatan Tambusai.

Buku UUD pasal 19 ayat 2 Penanggulang kemiskinan dengan menitik beratkan pada pemberdayaan masyarakat.

_____, undang-undang perbankan No 10 tahun 1998 kredit adalah penyediaan uang atau tagihan yang dapat dipersamakan dengan itu berdasarkan persetujuan.

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